Lay Apostolate

The laypeople are called in a special way in the task of Evangelization by their secular way of living. Lay people have the obligation to fulfill their duties be it apostolate or world activities. In fulfilling this they have different lay groups such as Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, Fatima apostolate, Congregation of the third order of St. Francis, Legio of Mary, Focolare Movement, The Vincentians, Catholic Charismatic Movement, Men association (UWAKA), Women Association (WAWATA), The Youth, The Old, and retired Association and Holy Childhood. In addition to that Lay apostolate is facing some challenges in which the diocese is trying to deal with these are:-


  • Breakdown of families and marriages
  • Increase in the number of schools and pupils in view of a number of Catechists to teach religion classes
  • Divided faith conviction that is being a Catholic while at the same time believing in tradition religion
  • Destruction of Cultural values due to external influence
  • A big number of young people who are unemployed
  • Lack of a priest’s ongoing formation Centre
  • The wideness of the diocese

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