Heath Care

The diocese of Mbeya is carrying on its functions of healing the whole body meaning body and soul. Therefore it is from here that it provides health services to the citizens of Tanzania while observing the non-discrimination principle. The available Government health services are inadequate and where they exist, they cannot meet the whole community. Having that in mind the diocese has 2 Hospitals namely Mwambani and Igogwe, 3 Health Centres namely Mkulwe, Kisa, and Iyunga, while on the other hand, the diocese has 8 dispensaries namely, Lupa, Songwe, Hasamba, Bara, Igurusi, Mshewe and Mlowo. Most of the diseases presented at health facilities are preventable. Therefore, the Diocese health services are focused on preventive measures rather than curative services. This does not mean that the curative measures will be ignored, but as a strategy, the preventive measures should be cross-cutting issues of all the efforts and sectors of the Diocese.


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