The liberalization process has decreased the Government's involvement in the provision of social services including education. This development in an environment where the education system was severely underdeveloped is likely to affect the system further. The church also has a history of excellence in education. If education is to develop further, particularly at the secondary and tertiary levels, then the Church has to be involved in a selective and sustainable manner.

Therefore, having this goal the diocese had established the following primary, secondary schools, and Colleges, Secondary schools are Pandahill Secondary, St. Mary’s Junior Seminary, St. Francis Girl Secondary, Consolata Secondary, St. Thomas More secondary, Mbaga Tuzide Secondary and James Sagu Secondary. The following secondary schools are managed by the diocese of Mbeya, these include, Wenda Secondary, Igawilo secondary, Irambo secondary, and Ngana secondary. Furthermore, the diocese has primary Schools namely St. Thomas More primary school, Kisa English Medium. Colleges are Mwambani Nursing college, Iyunga Vocational Training Centre, Mbeya Trade School, and Antonia Trade school.

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