Caritas Development

The Diocesan priority and focus are on those programs and interventions that seek to make people more self-reliant and that encourages them to be involved in gainful activities that will increase their food production, income and therefore improve their standard of living. The Diocese also seeks to address attitudinal issues that were embraced from the previous political systems.

One of the major hindrances to individuals in business is capital and access to credit. In encouraging people’s involvement in gainful activities, access to capital through seed money, and access to affordable credit will be a priority. The success of any business initiatives will require the development of business, management, and marketing skills.

The following are the ongoing programs/projects taking place in different parishes/areas of the Diocese;

Sustainable agriculture projects; aims at capacitating small scale farmers to increase their agricultural production by using recommended agricultural technologies, increase household income through the collective market which is profitable and therefore improve their livelihood.


Soya bean production; promotion of soya bean production, processing, and marketing. Introduce Soya value chain practices for small scale farmers. Promote saving and lending model known as “SILC” (saving improved lending communities)


KIPYA project (New generation project); purpose of the project is to support the youth aged 0-18 years found residing and working in the streets. The aim is to improve and extend recovery services such as health, education, and protection that are critical for children in those contexts. The project is in the meantime targeting Mbeya City and part of Mbeya district in the diocese of Mbeya.


Promotion of alternative energy sources; introducing solar and Biogas technologies in rural communities.


Single mother project at Mbeya City; the overall goal of the project is to support the young mothers who got pregnant at an early age. The project focus on the following;

  1.  mental toughness through counseling and awareness creation for self-confidence and increased self-reliance.
  2. capacity building in terms of skills such as tailoring, horticulture practices, marketing, and entrepreneurship, etc.
  3. Legal support; lobby for partner involvement in caring for the baby through either mutual discussion or legal measures.
  4. reconciliation with families, parents, and guardians to collaborate in the process of supporting the young single mothers.


WASH AND SHWASH sanitation; facilitate the availability of water to diocesan communities/villages, introduce and mobilize the construction, and use of improved appropriate toilets. Awareness creation, training, and embarking sanitation practices in urban and rural communities. Ultimately, practice preventive measures and reduce water-borne diseases at the household level.


YOUTH BUILD; the identified ward of Mabatini in Mbeya City district has been privileged by benefiting from a youth build project supported by Youth build international in collaboration with Catholic Relief Services and Caritas Development office of Diocese of Mbeya. The projects aim at supporting a group of youth (18–25) from Mabatini ward, 40 youth are expected to undergo series of training; mental toughness, be introduced to entrepreneurship challenges, life skills, academic support in literacy/numeracy, training on team building, business start and job placement for job readiness skills.


YOUTH IN NEED; youth in need project targets the youth (18-30) who have experienced risk behaviors such as drug abuse, alcoholic, sex workers for girls, etc. The purpose of the project is to identify them, group them, and ensure they undergo rehabilitation for a reasonable time. Then, organize a takeoff process and after graduation, they are linked to vocational training of their choice. More collaborators are invited to support the needy youth of this category.


Physical handicapped and other people with disabilities; facilitate mobility of physically handicapped people especially the young ones. Support the mentally retarded children through a diocesan program known as SIMAMA literary means stand up or workup.


Professional and technical support to diocesan institutions and parish communities. Link and support communities and institutions with appropriate used tools and equipment, a project executed under the partnership between the Diocese and VAI (Holland) and other interested partners from abroad.



Caritas Mbeya invites individual people, institutions, and other similar-minded organizations to work with Caritas in any aforementioned field above. Resources in terms of human/expertise, funds, materials are always limited but by teaming up a great job can be done

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