Roman Catholic Diocese of Mbeya

The diocese of Mbeya was erected in 1932 but it has to wait until the end of the second world war to have its official start in 1953. The first Bishop was His Excellence Bishop Anton Van Oorschot (1947- 1964) to be followed by Rt. Rv. James D Sangu , the first indegineous Bishop (1966-1997).

In 1997 February, Mbeya community had the gift of the second indigenous Bishop, Rt. Rev. Evaristo Marcus Chengula IMC.

  • Archbishop Gervas John Mwasikwabhila Nyaisonga (2018-Current)
  • Bishop, Rt. Rev. Evaristo Marcus Chengula IMC (1997-2018)
  • Rt. Rv. James D Sangu (1966-1997)
  • Bishop Anton Van Oorschot (1947- 1964)
300000 Members
0 Deaneries
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Diocese Services

In accomplishing the duties entrusted to it by the Holy Church and Christ, the diocese of Mbeya had different institutions, it has 6 deaneries, 49 parishes. In addition to that it has 6 departments; these are Pastoral department, Education, health, Communication, Caritas and PMS, that is Pontifical Missionaries Societies (specifically for propagation of faith). All these departments have their institution under them, these include;


The key mission of the Diocesan Church is to preach the Gospel to all the people living in the area of the Diocese (Apostolate) and care for the people who belong to the church ... More..


The liberalization process has decreased the Government's involvement in the provision of social services including education. This development in an environment where the education system was severely More..

Caritas Development

The Diocesan priority and focus are on those programs and interventions that seek to make people more self-reliant and that encourages them to be involved in gainful activities that will increase their food product .. More..

Heath Care

The diocese of Mbeya is carrying on its functions of healing the whole body meaning body and soul. Therefore it is from here that it provides health services to ... More..

Lay Apostolate

The laypeople are called in a special way in the task of Evangelization by their secular way of living. Lay people have the obligation to fulfill their duties be it apostolate or world activities ... More..


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Causes Needs Our Help

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia

Pandahill Secondary School

High performing, reputable, and vibrant secondary school that sets the national and international example of excellence in secondary education delivery and management.

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Mwambani School of Nursing

Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery - Medical School Results - Mwambani, Mbeya Region

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Igogwe Mission Hospital

Hospital in Mbeya

Box 300, Tukuyu, Mbeya

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St Augustine University Mbeya

Holistic development of the person by providing sound knowledge, higher analytical ability, and commitment to generous service and respect to humankind. 

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2020 June

Archbishop Amani moves to Arusha!

Following his appointment by the Holy Father Pope Francis, Bishop Isaac Amani was appointed the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Arusha.

2020 June

JPM Assures Worship Freedom

PRESIDENT John Magufuli yesterday reiterated the government’s determination to ensure that the freedom of worship and religion is protected as guaranteed by the country’s constitution

2020 June

Bishop Banzi celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Episcopate

Rt. Rev. Anthony Banzi a Bishop of Tanga Diocese in Tanzania has celebrated twenty-five years of his episcopate. The Jubilee took place on 15th September at St. Anthony of Padua Cathedral in Tanga Diocese.


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